Kehida Thermal Bath

Kehida Thermal bath and Water Park offers the visitors a family friendly atmosphere with its outdoor bath surrounded by a park, a Mediterranean style indoor water park, a quiet thermal bath and a sauna oasis secluded from the children.

Kehida Thermal bath and Water Park has a surface area spreading over three hectares, where you can find pools of different temperatures, indoor and outdoor giant water slides, a swimming pool, a wavepool, baby pools with baby showers and baby slides, jacuzzis, current polls, children’s playground, terraces for relaxation, restaurant and a confectionery.

You have a choice of different passes to enter the bath. The park is divided into three zones: the red, the white and the green zone. You can purchase passes to each zone, daily passes, 2 and 3 hour passes, or reduced rate evening passes. For more information contact the reception desk personnel of the pension. Attention: now we offer free passes to the water park! Learn more about our offers!»


The Kehida outdoor bath welcomes visitors from spring till autumn. You can find here cold water pools for swimmers and thermal water pools for relaxation, an adventure pool with a cocktail bar in the center, baby pool with a baby slide for small children, wavepool, and water fitness for the whole family. The bravest guests can try the thrilling kamikaze slide. You can swim from the outdoor pool to the indoor bath which offers further thrills.


The Kehida indoor water park offers fun and entertainment for kids and adults even in bad weather. The Mediterranean style bath boasts a 100 meter long indoor giant slide (free sliding is included in the pass), Jacuzzis, a current pool, a baby pool with a baby slide, a cave, a twisting and turning adventure pool, massage beds, water springs and other fun attractions. You can swim from the indoor bath to one of the adjoining outdoor cold pools all year round.


The temperature of the thermal water of Kehida is 49 °C. The thermal water is slightly sulphurous and contains minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and Hydrogen-Carbonate. The pools of the bath are filled with warm medicinal waters. The water in Kehida helps to alleviate the symptoms of locomotor disorders, injuries and broken bones. The thermal bath is quiet, and is exclusively for adult guests. The quiet room and several bright relaxing lounges guarantee the experience of total peace. In the quiet room you can find a drinking fountain with cold medicinal water.


Sauna world offers you the magical island of health, rejuvenation and great overall comfort. The Finnish saunas of different temperatures, the aromatherapy cabins, the infra sauna, the steam bath, the Jacuzzi and the Kneipp stepping pool reinvigorate the body and the soul.

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna has a history of more than 2000 years. It combines the elements of the Roman hot air bath and the Turkish steam bath. It cleanses the respiratory tracts and the skin, invigorates the blood flow, strengthens the immune system and helps to fight insomnia. Beneficial for the body and the soul.

Aromatherapy cabin

You can relax for longer periods enjoying magical fragrances in the mildly warm temperature while listening to soft music. The benefits are similar to those of the Finnish sauna, but due to the lower temperatures it puts less strain on the body.

Infra sauna

It is the gentlest way to experience the benefits of sauna in 40 ºC without exposing the body to the strain caused by high temperatures. Accelerates detoxification and burns fat.


It has a sweating effect through the dilated pores naturally, freeing the skin from impurities.

Kneipp stepping pool

The alteration of cold and warm combined with a natural foot massage. The bottom of the pool is covered with large pebble stones and is filled with cold water of 20 cm. By walking around the pool and occasionally lifting our feet out of the water we can improve the condition of blood vessels in the legs, accelerate the blood circulation meanwhile the pebbles provide a gentle massage to the reflex zones of the feet.


Ancient cultures believed that the harmonic rhythm of the effervescent waters invigorate the body and the soul. It helps to relax, calms the nerves and provides undisturbed repose.


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